Maximize your revenue and optimize your Portfolio by AI-forecasting the future demand based on historical data.

Our demand forecast Solution, based on good practices from the retail-industry offers you a template in which you can insert your historical data. If you want, you can select additional external sources out of our library, which can the result even better. Typical external sources are Weather-, Economic- oder Holiday Data.


Use Case

Initial Situation

  • Manual planning of sales difficult and time-consuming
  • Wrong forecast of demand / sales causes waste



  • Demand forecast for every article
  • Incorporation of marketing activities, special offers, weather, seasonality, …
  • Automation and operationalization into IT systems
  • Reduction of manual effort and wasted articles
  • Import the Data of your Stores, including price, promotions, stock-situation and date
  • After the automatic training, you can select an algorithm of your choice, or just let the application decide which one to take..
  • Start a new Forecast just by clicking a button – it’s that easy
  • Analyze the demand forecast data for your future orders, plannings and budgets


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